In This Together – Could Avon Be Helping You??

In This Together – Could Avon Be Helping You??

Many people bash Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and slate them for being ‘Pyramid Schemes’. The way I see it is everyone has a boss in most jobs, how well you do that job affects the ‘boss’ position and their income. During the lockdown due to Covid-19, more and more people are wanting to work from home. Being able to earn if they have lost their job, home schooling children, even having a mental focus during a difficult time is important.

Where many industries are slowing or even closing, Working From Home is thriving. I am able to run my business from the safety of my home, sharing posts on social media and sending a digital brochure to friends and family. Those few simple things ensure I can earn during a difficult time.

What is Avon doing?

Avon have supported reps ensuring we can still earn using and providing digital tools. We are able to earn from the first £1 sale and have customer orders delivered directly eliminating the risk to ourselves as well as customers. Earnings go into the bank weekly to help with bills and purchase food, plus having discounts on our own products is clearly a perk and helps keep expenditure down. Avon even gave each active rep a FREE bottle of the NEW Moisturising Hand Gel to help keep us safe.

It isn’t just reps Avon have been helping –

  • Avon are donating £150,000 to the charity Refuge who are desperately in need of support. Domestic violence during the lockdown is predicted to rise dramatically. The BBC stated there had already been a 25% increase in calls to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline by 6th April –
  • Avon have donated £443,000 in both cash and products to both NHS staff and Refuge. Many reps (and their customers) have also donated products to their local hospitals and NHS staff too.
  • Avon have donate 10,000 care packs to our NHS heroes on the front line, including hand creams, foot oils, pillow mists for relaxing sleep and much more.

At this point, I don’t think I could be prouder of being part of the Avon team. Helping support people in their time of need, be it heroes on the front line or helping reps keeping food on their table.

Avon may not be everyone’s dream job, but for a limited time Avon have made our basic start up kit FREE (usually £15). This means anyone can access Avon, having the opportunity to earn from the safety of their homes. Next time you hear someone mock Multi-Level Marketing or similar, please remember who has helped provide so much support during an awful time.

If you have thought about joining Avon, please contact me via the form on the website or in the comments and I’ll contact you asap.


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