How to get the perfect ‘Smokey Eye’ – Hints & Tips

The perfect smokey eye look can be dramatic, beautiful and bold however it can be tricky to achieve. Here are my hints and tips.

Smokey Eyes Look

Getting the smokey eyes look can be tricky, I have been known to pull off more of a panda look on my first few attempts. Here are some great hints and tips to help you perfect this fantastic look.

Smokey eyes – getting started

My biggest over all tip is PRACTICE!! The amazing thing about the smokey eye look is that its so flexible. Subtle to bold, neutral to rainbow of colour.

  • Make sure your brushes are all clean, free from dust and previous shadows.
  • Eye primer is always a great help with a look where you eyes are the feature. Creating a smooth surface for a great look but helping to maintain it longer. Purchase your Avon Eye Primer HERE
  • Decide which colours of eye shadow you will be using. 3 shades of one main colour works best such as grey to black, or natural cream to brown. Other brighter colours can be used but a light, middle and dark collection works best.
  • A cream based eye shadow can work better than a powder as it blends easier but whichever you’re more comfortable with is key.

The main event

  1. Step one, after applying your primer is to use the mid-range colour over your eyelid, stopping at the natural crease and avoiding the inner corner. A domed eyeshadow brush works best for this basic coverage.
  2. Use a fresh brush for your lightest colour (this will be your ‘highlighter’) to highlight under your brow and in the inner corner of your eyelid. Highlight the whole length of the underside of your eyebrow. Use a smaller, flatter brush to apply the highlighter to the inner corner of your eyelid. It is optional to apply the higher on the lower eyelid too, below the waterline. Use a blending brush on your upper lid to blend your base colour and highlighter together.
  3. Time for a fresh brush to apply your darkest shade- small and flat if possible. When applying the darkest shade, it is better to do smaller amounts to build up the colour and coverage rather than putting too much on and starting all over again. Make a ‘C’ shape as you apply the eyeshadow from about have way down your natural crease and curving round to you lash line, covering mainly in the outer corner. Always start at the outer corner of the eye working inwards. The dark colour, ideally, shouldn’t go past half way or into the inner third of your eyelid.
  4. BLEND!! Blending is key!! Use a fluffy blending brush to blend the colours so there are no harsh lines. Working from your inner corner and brow bone (the highlighted areas) blending down and out. Blending can take a bit of time so be patient, it will be worth it. You can add more colour as you go if it is need, using the correct brush you used for each colour so not to make the colours patchy.

The finishing touches

From here you can play around adding the finishing touches. Eyeliner (wings or flicks maybe?) and mascara are vital in my opinion for executing this look but it is what you are comfortable with. A bit of glitter maybe fun and appropriate or just close your eyes and seal the look with some Setting Spray.

And now you will look amazing. The top tips are –

  • Primer – to give a fresh canvas and last longer
  • Plenty of fresh brushes – so not to transfer colours
  • BLENDING!!! – can’t get enough blending
  • Practice – this look will just get better each time you do it

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