Anew Protinol Plumping Shots have finally arrived!

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Discover Protinol Technology

The Anew Protinol Plumping Shots have finally arrived!!

What is Protinol & how does it work?

Avon’s Anew ProtinolTM Skin Reset Plumping Shots work by increasing the ratio of Baby Collagen (Collagen III) to Adult Collagen (Collagen I). This anti-ageing skincare hero helps to restore your skin to more youthful levels for a strengthened skin matrix.

The result? Stronger, visibly healthier-looking skin with that gorgeous baby-bounce.

What can you expect from the Plumping Shots?

Consumer studies have shown that in just 7 days, it will help to restore a HUGE 7 years worth of collagen. Leaving you with intensely plumper, firmer-looking skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

How to use the Anew Plumping Shots

The Anew Plumping Shots set has 7 vials in the box and there are two main ways to use them –

  1. You can use the Anew Plumping Shots one week a month as part of your usual skin care routine, ideally alongside other Anew products for the ultimate skin care.
  2. You can use each individual vial on its own ahead of a big event where you may want your skin looking plump and radiant.

The power of Retinol – gentle on skin

Retinol is famous for its anti-ageing qualities but it isn’t suitable for all skin types. With the new Protinol everyone can have intensely plumper, firmer looking skin in 7 days with a gentle new approach.

Anew Plumping Shots in the media

Plus many more places too

Where can I get mine?

Currently the Anew Plumping Shots sets are just £15 (they will usually be £18), and there are 7 vials in the set. You can purchase yours HERE

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