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Avon is so much more than make up

Avon is a famous and iconic brand, having developed from its grassroots in California (the first factory was in New York) over 130 years ago. What started off as an unsuccessful book business has now developed into a world-wide brand with over 5 million representatives.

In 1886, David H. McConnell – a struggling book salesman – tried to persuade people to buy his books with a free gift of a rose scented perfume with each purchase. McConnell so realised that the perfume was far more popular and quickly abandoned the book business to establish his new perfume company.

The first ‘Avon Lady’ was Mrs P.F.E. Albee, she created the door-to-door approach and developing teams of Avon ladies. Direct-marketing offered women a chance to work outside the home in an era when they had few opportunities to do so.

From there, as they say, the rest is history…

Meet me, who I am and what Avon means to me

Hi, I’m Kayleigh, an award winning Independent Avon Representative and Sales Leader.

I have been a rep with Avon Cosmetics for 5+ years and love having a job that fits around me and my life.

We have iconic products, great support and an amazing history of over 130 years!

Why not join me and start your Avon journey today?

“Let today be the start of something new”

– Author Unknown
Avon Skin So Soft Dry Oil Spray
One of Avon’s most popular and well know products is the
Original Skin So Soft Oil Spray, even used by the Scottish Marines 
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