The Importance of Skin Care Routine

Natural beautiful skin
Natural, beautiful skin

What is the importance of having a good skin care routine?

The importance of a good skin care routine is hugely under acknowledged.

Obviously our skin is our biggest organ, keeping our insides in and most dirt, germs and bacteria out. If we take care of our skin, it helps take care of us.

Skin ages with us, and particularly on our face, can show our age if we don’t care for it too. Pollution in the air, UVA and UVB from the sun can take its toll without additional stress factors too. Even the weather can have an affect on our skin. Taking care of your skin now with acne and similar but can help for future too, having less deep lines and wrinkles.

What happens with your skin?

Your skin sheds skin cells every single day. If you just take care of the surface layer then that effort is soon wasted but if you invest in your skin, helping the layers underneath it will help for the future. If you have a bad skin care routine it can show straightaway however if you develop a good routine now then you could be benefiting from it still in 30 years time.

Genes and genetics play a huge part in the quality of your skin – we all have that friend who has flawless skin all the with no make up or effort. I had quite bad skin when I was younger, acne in my teens and twenties, now I have a good skin care routine people often comment on how great my skin looks.

Oily skin, dry skin, combination skin – these different factors can make it difficult to find the right product for you but if you’re like me, when you find something that works, you stick with it.

Welcome the world of Anew from Avon.

Welcome to Anew

A selection of the products from the Anew range
A selection of Anew products

Anew from Avon is popular range but it so much more than that. Not only is the range iconic but it is pioneering and revolutionary for the industry too.

The goal for Anew has always been to provide the latest skin care products and technology at accessible prices.

There is absolutely no reason why the very best should only be available to those who have the ability to buy into the premium end of the skincare market.

Anew – Avon

With this aim in mind through out the process, Avon have on many occasions, created brand new products for the beauty industry, available at a realistic cost for the general public.

Avon’s very first Anew product was ANEW Perfecting Complex for Face, which was first released in 1992. It was the first product with AHA technology available to the mass market, providing anti-ageing technology for every woman.

From this point Avon’s Anew has just flourished with day creams, night creams, serums and oils. Many of the products in the range have won awards, some of them multiple awards too. With basic creams for skin care for each age group through to targeting products for fine lines, deeper wrinkles, uneven skin tone plus many more. There is also an entire Anew make up range also with some amazing products.

How I can help

You can shop for your Anew Skin Care products by clicking HERE

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Duel Eye Lift System – the knife vs the cream?

Eyes – window to the soul?

Eye Lift – the knife vs the cream? Eyes have captured the imaginations of many people. Such as artists working on such intricate detailing and many philosophers describing them as the window to the soul. Our lips say many words but our eyes often tell more. We spend so much time and money on our eyes, particularly women. There is eyebrow shaping, lash tinting, eye shadows, mascaras, eyeliners, creams, lotions and potions, plus much more. Even way back in Ancient Egypt, eye make up was a huge focus for the rich and powerful but eyes also had some important representation for the gods Horus and Ra.

Within our society, eyes are clearly important to us with people wanting to make them look as fabulous as possible. People use make up all the way through to cosmetic surgery to help improve their eyes but this can be costly. Many people worry about bags under their eyes or even hooding/sagging of the eyelid – I know this is something I do worry about. The average cost of Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty – cosmetic surgery to … improve hooded/drooping eyelids or eye bags) is between £2000-£6000*.

Any type of surgery can run its risks and even if it does all go to plan, you have the recovery time and the generally feeling under the weather after. The surgery, recovery time and care soon adds up, making having cosmetic surgery a big decision but what if there was an alternative?

Anew Duel Eye Lift System

In 2006, Avon added the Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Eye Cream (Duel Eye Lift System) to their revolutionary Anew range. The Anew range was established in 1992 with innovative skincare technology at a price many more people could afford. The Anew Clinical Lift & Firm Eye Cream was different to all other products available on the market resulting in it becoming a best seller.

The duel creams work together resulting in the skin around the eye becoming firmer with fine lines reduced. Reverse the years with our best selling and award-winning eye cream. Reverse the years with our best selling and award-winning eye cream that’s formulated with amino acids and PolyPeptide Lift Complex for an instantly lifted and, over time, a more youthful look

98% of women who considered an eye lift procedure were impressed with the Duel Eye Lift System. As a result of it’s revolutionary standing, it won 5 awards!! And is now a famous and iconic Avon product with 4 sold every minute world wide.**

Duel Eye Lift System and YOU!

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** Stats from –

Why Join Avon? Find out about becoming an Avon Representative

Why Join Avon? Find out about becoming an Avon Representative – the perks, highlights & how easy it is to get started

Avon has been a round for over 130 years, focusing on the latest make up, fashion and fragrance trends – it has always been a popular brand. One of the key features during Avon’s beginning was helping women to earn an income during a time where this was uncommon. Times have changed with many more women in work but our dreams have gotten bigger too.

What have you been dreaming of? A new car? A holiday? Or even some extra money to tuck away for a rainy day? With Avon this is all achievable. Let me show you how.

To get started as an Avon Representative all it takes is a short video call (photo ID is needed) and you can be started up within minutes. Occasionally we can do home visits but due to COVID-19 this has temporarily been halted.

Fill in the Application Form and someone will be in touch to discuss joining, answer any questions you may have and arrange that brief video call.

Join the team and you will get;

  • Set up with a quick & simple video call
  • Gain access to our dedicated Facebook group where you can chat with other team members
  • Gain access to our online exclusive team resources page
  • Access to online training
  • Fantastic choice of starter kits
  • As much support as you require
  • The chance to progress to team building, our sales leaders get their own websites to recruit and sell from. Plus an exclusive training pack to get your team building off to a flying start.  Training includes how to generate new representatives online and offline

When you join as an Avon Representative you will be given the choice of which Starter Kit you would like – here are the options with different prices to meet your needs, plus you have 13 days to for your kit too.

How does being an Avon Representative work?

Avon Representatives can earn between 20% – 25% on orders from their customers, earning from their first £1 sale.

When your delivery arrives, you package it up and deliver to each customer, collecting their payment. In your delivery will be an invoice with the amount you need to pay Avon already worked out for you. You can pay that online, over the phone or at the Post Office. The money left over is then yours to either save for your dream or to treat yourself with.

If you decide to sell entirely online, Avon will your commission into your bank each week.

There are many ways to sell with Avon, here are a few ideas and you can do any combination of these too –

  • Delivering books door to door
  • Sending the digital brochure out to friends & family
  • Sell via your online store which you get when you join
  • Sell on Ebay, Amazon or similar sites

There will always be someone to help you out, answer any questions or give you advice if you require it plus there is access to a lot of great training and resources too.

Perks of being an Avon Representative

There are various perks of being an Avon Representative. We get discounts off our own products, reducing your shopping costs, plus we have an exclusive Representative magazine called First Look when you can purchase the latest products to demo at a lower rate.

We have an annual incentive called Presidents Club with various levels to reach using your sales to get prizes and further discounts too. Within Avon there are also opportunities to win cars and holidays too – with many of the representatives in out wider team obtaining these.

Want to find out more?

Hopefully you have enjoyed this blog. To find out more or even join Avon please click the button below and fill in the form

How to get the perfect ‘Smokey Eye’ – Hints & Tips

The perfect smokey eye look can be dramatic, beautiful and bold however it can be tricky to achieve. Here are my hints and tips.

Smokey Eyes Look

Getting the smokey eyes look can be tricky, I have been known to pull off more of a panda look on my first few attempts. Here are some great hints and tips to help you perfect this fantastic look.

Smokey eyes – getting started

My biggest over all tip is PRACTICE!! The amazing thing about the smokey eye look is that its so flexible. Subtle to bold, neutral to rainbow of colour.

  • Make sure your brushes are all clean, free from dust and previous shadows.
  • Eye primer is always a great help with a look where you eyes are the feature. Creating a smooth surface for a great look but helping to maintain it longer. Purchase your Avon Eye Primer HERE
  • Decide which colours of eye shadow you will be using. 3 shades of one main colour works best such as grey to black, or natural cream to brown. Other brighter colours can be used but a light, middle and dark collection works best.
  • A cream based eye shadow can work better than a powder as it blends easier but whichever you’re more comfortable with is key.

The main event

  1. Step one, after applying your primer is to use the mid-range colour over your eyelid, stopping at the natural crease and avoiding the inner corner. A domed eyeshadow brush works best for this basic coverage.
  2. Use a fresh brush for your lightest colour (this will be your ‘highlighter’) to highlight under your brow and in the inner corner of your eyelid. Highlight the whole length of the underside of your eyebrow. Use a smaller, flatter brush to apply the highlighter to the inner corner of your eyelid. It is optional to apply the higher on the lower eyelid too, below the waterline. Use a blending brush on your upper lid to blend your base colour and highlighter together.
  3. Time for a fresh brush to apply your darkest shade- small and flat if possible. When applying the darkest shade, it is better to do smaller amounts to build up the colour and coverage rather than putting too much on and starting all over again. Make a ‘C’ shape as you apply the eyeshadow from about have way down your natural crease and curving round to you lash line, covering mainly in the outer corner. Always start at the outer corner of the eye working inwards. The dark colour, ideally, shouldn’t go past half way or into the inner third of your eyelid.
  4. BLEND!! Blending is key!! Use a fluffy blending brush to blend the colours so there are no harsh lines. Working from your inner corner and brow bone (the highlighted areas) blending down and out. Blending can take a bit of time so be patient, it will be worth it. You can add more colour as you go if it is need, using the correct brush you used for each colour so not to make the colours patchy.

The finishing touches

From here you can play around adding the finishing touches. Eyeliner (wings or flicks maybe?) and mascara are vital in my opinion for executing this look but it is what you are comfortable with. A bit of glitter maybe fun and appropriate or just close your eyes and seal the look with some Setting Spray.

And now you will look amazing. The top tips are –

  • Primer – to give a fresh canvas and last longer
  • Plenty of fresh brushes – so not to transfer colours
  • BLENDING!!! – can’t get enough blending
  • Practice – this look will just get better each time you do it

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July Brochure 2020

Avon is now going monthly, and here is the July Brochure 2020. Each Avon campaign will now run monthly, giving each customer more ordering flexibility.

Top 5 Products for July Brochure

Avon True Loaded Lip Lacquer is brand new this campaign. Quench your lips with glossy colour with these gorgeously lip drenching shades of Loaded Lip Lacquer. Loaded with shine, loaded with moisture. Locks in moisture, loading your lips with nourishment. FREE Gift worth £10 when you buy NEW Loaded Lip Lacquer. The feedback has been great, take a look below.

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This totally cute toucan is proving very popular already. Bring the outside in with this adorable Toucan Desktop Planter. Complete with faux plant – no watering required!

• Approx. 67cm x 8.5cm x 13cm.
• Made from dolomite.
• Beautiful hand-painted design

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When life gives you lemons, we make pyjamas! If you’re feeling fruity, the Lemon Shortie PJs are sure to keep you cool throughout summer. These are SO CUTE!! And don’t forget the matching slippers.

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Help restore 7 years of collagen loss in 7 days with our breakthrough Anew Skin Reset Plumping Shots. Our exclusive patented Protinol™ Technology increases production of collagen III: the secret to baby skin. Instantly, skin looks fresher, smoother and more hydrated, and in just 7 days, skin looks and feels significantly firmer and plumper… your best skin in years. It’s a game-changer.

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Pin it with Pride. you can help end violence against women and girls by showing your support with our beautiful charity pin. Silver-plated with crystals from Swarovski®. Approx. 3cm x 3cm. 50% of sales donated to Women’s Aid & Refuge.

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